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Subduing Kaliya (2021)

for narrator and orchestra [10']

SOUNZ commission for orchestra and Sistema Youth Orchestra

Rille (2016)

for improvising vocalist and orchestra [10']

for the 2016 Auckland Philhamonia Orchestra Composer Focus Project

street : noise : graffiti (2016)

Paramatma Music.jpg

for prepared jazz guitar and orchestra [5']

Synergos (2014)

for orchestra [13'30"]

Commissioned by the NZSO for the National Youth Orchestra

Bitter Hill (2012)

for orchestra [5'30"]

Nebula (2011)

for orchestra [6'30"]


Brahma-samhitā (2021)

for soprano and string quartet [10'30"]

Commissioned by the Nicholas Tarling Charitable Trust for the New Zealand String Quartet

āśā-bandha (2020)

for flute and piano [8'30"]

Commissioned by Andrew Crooks and Hannah Darroch

Prema Lahari (2020)

for piano trio, bells and vocal track [7'50"]

Commissioned by the New Zealand Trio

Acintya (2019)

for string quartet [16']

Paramātmā (2018)

for voice + harmonium, voice + karatalas, bansuri, mridanga, alto flute/piccolo, harp, percussion, violin, viola, cello [14']

for Stroma Ensemble

Vyatisanga (2017)

for soprano saxophone, electric guitar, percussion and piano [5']

for Ensemble Nikel

Bright cold (2015)

for soprano, vibraphone and string ensemble [5']

for the Avanti! Chamber Orchestra

Meditation (2015)

for alto flute, harp, violin, viola and cello [4']

Commissioned by Stroma

Axis (2013)

for mezzo soprano, cor anglais, bassoon, viola and cello [4'30"]

felsic mafic (2012)

for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, viola, cello [6'30"]

Four geodes for piano quartet (2012)

for four pianos [11']

for the Estrella Quartet


Sarva-ātmanah (2021)

for viola and piano / voice, viola and piano [13']

Commissioned by Robert Ashworth and Sarah Watkins

Pingala Ida (2017)

for clarinet and accordion [10']

for Nina Janßen-Deinzer and Timo Kinnunen

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